US Market Overview – Illinois

March 15, 2018

The State of Illinois The mid-west state of Illinois was granted...

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Investing In Single-Family Rental Real Estate

March 14, 2018

Investing in real estate, and most specifically single family real estate,...

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Steps to Build a Real Estate Portfolio That Provides Cash Flow

March 5, 2018

Up to 90 percent of all millionaires reach their status by...

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A Helpful Guide to Real Estate Investing

February 21, 2018

Interested in Real Estate Investing?  Have you thought about purchasing real...

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Hard Money Loan Risks and Benefits for Real Estate Investors

February 8, 2018

Have you finally found the perfect investment property only to discover...

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How Will Your Investment Make Money?

February 5, 2018

When it is time to begin investing your money in something besides...

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The Top 5 Benefits of Hard Money Loans

January 31, 2018

A hard money loan is financing offered by a non-institutional lender....

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pros and cons of alternative investments

The Pros and Cons of Alternative Investments

January 17, 2018

In the past, alternative investments were only used by high-net-worth and...

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bridge loan cash flow

5 Scenarios Where You Might Need a Bridge Loan

January 10, 2018

Cash flow is an issue at every level, from private households...

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