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Seeking a reliable source to fund your difficult loans?  Look no further.  You’ve found us.

As private equity lenders, Allrise Financial Group is not tethered to the same restrictions as a traditional bank, which means the borrowers FICO® score and employment history are only a small piece of the puzzle when determining their creditworthiness. We also look at the strength of their commercial property plan as well as the value of their collateral.  We are happy to serving the real estate broker community with our vast resources enabling us to close your loans fast and at rates lower than our competitors.

As a collateral-based lender, we fund loans that banks cannot. Whether you:

• Need a fast closing
• Encounter income documentation or credit shortfalls
• Have an unusual property type or loan circumstance
• Have a legal entanglement

Our experienced team knows how to resolve the issues and get the loan closed on time.

Allrise seeks to partner with brokers, bankers, attorneys, accountants, and other consultants searching for flexible alternative financing solutions for their clients.

Quick & Easy Solutions

Getting funding for your borrower for commercial or residential real estate loans is simple with Allrise. Follow these four steps and get your loan funded.1

Step One

Fill out the Preliminary Application Form. You’ll soon hear from an Allrise loan specialist who will discuss any further information needed. This can include credit information, income verification, asset verification, property appraisal and an environmental report for commercial properties.

Step Two

Your loan request enters the application process, followed by escrow. From there, Allrise will order an appraisal for your borrowers collateral property.

Step Three

If approved, we’ll start seeding your loan with funds from our global network of investors.

Step Four

It’s time for Allrise to distribute loan funds to your borrower.  Then you are all set.  Now you can focus on obtaining funding for your next loan!

Customized Loans to Suit Most All Needs

Loans We Offer

  • Fix and flips
  • Online real estate investing
  • Refinance
  • Cross-collateral

What We Accept as Collateral

  • Single Family Residences, condominiums and multi-family residences of two to four units (when owned for investment purposes).
  • Office buildings + Commercial properties
  • Apartment buildings of five or more units
  • Mixed use buildings
  • Medical clinics
  • Other assets, as may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Broker Funding: Loan Details

Through the course of the loan application, Allrise will run internal reports such as property profiles while gathering more details on your borrower goals and exit strategy.  Once the loan has been submitted for underwriting, we work closely with escrow and title companies to ensure a successful closing.  We’ll also order third-party items such as property insurance while working with the closing department to fully fund the loan2. With commercial properties, we require a commercial appraisal through a licensed commercial appraiser along with a complete environmental report.

For each commercial loan, we lend at at a maximum of 70 percent3 loan-to-value ratio based on the value of collateral property, with loan terms lasting six, nine, 12, 18 and 24 months, depending on your borrower needs.

Get your loan funded today.

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1 Subject to approval.
2 There is no guarantee that a loan will be fully funded.
3 Special considerations may be made.