Allrise Financing – Investment Real Estate Projects

Considering undertaking a fix & flip or other investment real estate project? Great idea. With a hot real estate market across much of the country, now is the time to get in on the action and kick start your house flipping dreams.

We also offer longer-term bridge financing for real estate investors who are looking to buy and hold non-owner occupied residential properties for rental income.

But maybe your credit score isn’t exactly stellar, or your employment history is spotty. Can you still get a loan for that cute fixer-upper you’ve had your eye on? Most definitely.1

When you’re ready to get started investing in real estate, look to Allrise Financial Group for your investment real estate crowdfunding needs. With a closing target of 10 days or less2, we feature straightforward pre-qualification for short-term rehabs and a number of other projects.

Allrise Financial Group offers competitive interest rates and favorable repayment terms, even if you have a low FICO® credit score or bankruptcies in your past.

Let us show you how Allrise can help fund your dreams.

Quick & Easy Pre-Qualification

Obtaining a fix & flip or real estate investment loan is a breeze with private money lender Allrise Financial’s simple, online financing system.

For residential loans, it’s as easy as four steps:

Step One

Fill out the Preliminary Application form online. An Allrise loan specialist will reach out to you within 48 hours to gather any further information needed, including loan disclosures, credit, income, assets, appraisal and a preliminary title report.

Step Two

As your loan is processed, we begin escrow and perform a valuation of your collateral property.

Step Three

As soon as your loan is approved, we start seeding it with money from investors.

Step Four

Once the loan is seeded, we begin distribution to you so you can get started on your fix and flip or home renovation project. It’s real estate crowdfunding at its best. 

More About Residential Financing from Allrise

What are the borrowing thresholds for Allrise’s residential real estate investment loans? We base this less on a dollar amount than a loan-to-value ratio (LTV). For residential loans, we allow no more than a 70% LTV ratio.

How long are the typical loan terms? For residential real estate investment loans, we offer loan terms of 6 – 24 months.

What is the interest rate on loans? This will vary depending on several factors. See our Get Financing page for more details.

What is the minimum amount I can borrow? Loan amounts start at $1,000,000 depending on the transaction.

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1 Subject to approval.
2 Closing speed varies per loan.