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When it comes to alternative lending and investing, there are endless choices for your investment dollars, but not all of them are created equally. When investing in any fund program, it’s important to be familiar with the terms and conditions, length of loans, minimum investment requirements and other details so you can maximize your return on investment.

Allrise is a different kind of investment. As private equity lenders, we’re not held to the same restrictive guidelines as banks, meaning your money can go further when you invest with us. Investors who meet our qualification standards can invest amounts as small as $250,000.  Your investment will be pooled into a fund in which Allrise will provide hard money loans to borrowers from the fund.  Each loan funded by Allrise is backed by real estate for collateral, so you can rest assured that your capital is in good hands throughout the course of the investment. In short, we work for you.

The Allrise team thoroughly screens borrowers for credit score, employment history and real estate holdings to determine whether they’re a good match for our loans. We also ensure that the borrower’s loan to value ratio is appropriate for the loan they’re seeking and that their collateral property is well-maintained and free of liens. All of this protects your investment from start to finish.

Learn more about how we qualify borrowers and what types of property qualify for collateral here: Borrower

5 Easy Steps to Earn up to 8%

Accredited investors invest with Allrise to help fund asset-backed small business loans for as little as a $250,000 commitment. Getting started is easy with our online investment system. Learn how to start investing with these five easy steps today.

Step 1

Create an investor account with and provide the required information to get the investment process rolling.

Step 2

Once your account is established, you will be provided with all of the disclosure information and company documentation for the Allrise Fund. After you have reviewed the disclosure documents and have had an opportunity to ask any questions from the Allrise Investor Services Team, you will submit a subscription agreement for a specific investment amount in the Allrise Fund. For your security, we’ll verify your personal data on a secure platform.

Step 3

Once you’re verified, you can begin funding your account securely and electronically.

Step 4

Get paid. Receive monthly interest earnings or at the end of the investment period, you’ll be able to take distribution of your original principal and all accrued interest.

Step 5

Now, it’s your choice. You can take your earnings or re-invest in additional projects to continue growing your capital.

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