About Vladimir Evseev Chairman/Founder

Driven by a strong desire to create innovative strategies and business platforms, Vladimir Evseev is an entrepreneur who has delivered years of success to financial clients since 1995. As chairman, CEO and partner of several asset management firms, including Orbis Asset Management LLC (part of the Allrise Financial Group), Vladimir has spent decades tapping into his deep knowledge and experience with business creation and global development in the lending and investing industry building companies from start to finish, as well as ensuring that all operations are meeting his standards and targeted goals.

In his role, Vladimir also oversees several companies, including John Adams LLC, George Washington Lending LLC, and Royal Development Inc., all stationed in San Francisco, Ca. He leads his teams of hard-working and dedicated professionals by inspiring productivity and offering guidance through his natural leadership and communication skills. He also acts the chairman of several overseas businesses and operations, including Allrise Micro-Financial Organization LLC, Russia and EVN Invest Group LTD., Dubai, U.A.E., monitoring the growth and developing of the company, client relationships, and establishing strategic goal objectives.

A native of Russia, Vladimir has years of dedicated experience of delivering successful results and surpassing expectations while fostering exceptional long-term relationships and rapport with his clients.

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